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TV Mounting Service in West Hollywood, CA

Home Theater Installation In West Hollywood

Experience why your neighbors in Beverly Hills, CA trust us for all their TV installation, Home Theater Set up & Wall mounting Monitors.

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Need Your Television Installed?

“Terrific young man, very professional TV Mounting service, Eli was incredible. Had every tool necessary to cover any unexpected obstacles. He was able to hide the cords in the wall. I highly recommend this company. I am very satisfied with the perfect placement”

Have you just moved in or bought a new TV but instead of mounting it where you want to, it stays on your old stand or leaning against a wall where it looks out of place?

Don’t worry! Assemble All Install can help you with this and many other jobs that you need done in your home. We offer a range of handyman services in and around West Hollywood, CA. Our specialisms lie in art installation, picture hanging, furniture assembly, and TV mounting. And, we come out to you the same or next day from when you make your call to us. Your home is a reflection of you and you want to make sure that everything is placed to your satisfaction
– so you can feel proud when you walk through your front door.

If you are looking for a specialized service with a professional touch, look no further!
We’ll help make your vision a reality.

Services we offer

TV Mounting

From same-day TV wall mounting near you to brick wall installation, concrete wall Installation or Fireplace TV Mounting, with cord concealment.

Hang Your TV

Mount TV On wall
Mount TV on Fireplace
Mount TV on Brick
Mount TV on Marble
Mount TV Outdoors
TV Installation info

Cord concealment

For a sleek, clutter-free entertainment area, Cord Concealment is essential. It masterfully tucks away TV cables, enhancing safety and cleanliness, while delivering the captivating illusion of a 'floating' television.

Hide Your Cables

Hide Low voltage cables through the wall
Install New Outlet Behind TV
Or Install A Cord Concealing Chanel on wall for an Affordable sleek design
Cable Concealment info

Soundbar Installation Audio/Video Setup

Unleash the power of sound in your home with our top-notch Soundbar Installation and Audio/Video setup service. Our dedicated team brings expertise in delivering seamless installation, exceptional sound quality, and a visually stunning entertainment space.

Art & picture hanging

Configure Audio Video cables and Calibration to your speakers. Mount Your Soundbar
Art & picture hanging Info

Projector and Screen Installation

Maximize your home theater's potential with our premium Projector & Screen Installation service. Our skilled pros ensure a seamless install, precise screen placement, & optimal settings, get jaw-dropping visuals every time.

Projector and Screen Install

Hang Projector on Ceiling or Wall Shelf
Install Screen in Desired Location
Projector Hanging info

Hang TV and Conceal Cords


 Why waste time drilling holes and struggling with cables?

Our team of experts specializes in concealing TV wires! Whether you’re mounting your television on drywall, brick, plaster, marble, or metal studs, our professionals have encountered it all. We excel in versatile TV mounts that offer a 90-degree swivel, tilt, and full motion capabilities. Need a ceiling-mounted TV? We’ve got you covered!

By utilizing in-wall cord hider solutions, we will discreetly route those unsightly cords and HDMI cables behind the wall, seamlessly connecting your TV components to your cable box, Apple TV, DVD players, gaming systems, speakers, or home entertainment system. We ensure a safe, affordable, and efficient installation process. Spare yourself the hassle and get in touch with our highly rated professionals today!

In the vast region of Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills and the San Fernando Valley, many homes date back as far as 1930.

Frequently, we receive feedback regarding a lack of electrical outlets or outlets being inconveniently positioned. This issue can be easily resolved by either relocating the socket or installing an outlet behind the TV. Let our experts simplify your TV mounting experience!

We also provide TV mount removal services throughout Los Angeles! Our skilled technicians will skillfully uninstall the mount, patch the drywall seamlessly, and even re-texture those challenging areas to ensure a seamless blend. Rest assured that you’ll receive your deposit back when you move out! Your wall will be ready for painting in no time!

Mount TV on Wall

Enhance your home entertainment with professional TV mounting services in West Hollywood, CA. 

Assemble All Install specializes in expert TV installation and wall mounting, providing a flawless integration for an immersive viewing experience. Our skilled technicians handle every detail, ensuring secure mounting and neat cable management. 

Maximize your space and optimize viewing angles with our top-notch services. Count on Assemble All Install for precise and accurate TV mounting, exceeding your expectations. 

Enjoy the convenience and aesthetic appeal of a professionally mounted TV in your living room, bedroom, or entertainment area.

Home Theater Projector Screen

Enhance your entertainment space with our top-notch projector screen installation in West Hollywood, CA. Assemble All Install is your trusted partner for creating an immersive home theater experience. Our experienced technicians meticulously mount and calibrate your Projector and screen to deliver exceptional picture quality and placement. Immerse yourself in larger-than-life visuals and indulge in the ultimate cinematic journey right at home. From movies to sports to gaming, our precise installation techniques seamlessly integrate the screen for optimal viewing pleasure. With our dedication to attention to detail and customer satisfaction, Assemble All Install ensures your home theater is a true masterpiece.

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