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“Terrific young man, very professional. I have used Museum art installation and picture hangers before, Eli was equally as good. Had every tool necessary to cover any eventuality. I highly recommend this company. I am very satisfied with the perfect placement”

Have you bought an amazing piece of artwork but it remains leaning against a wall in your living room? Or you’ve just got a new TV but instead of mounting it where you want to, it stays on your old stand where it looks out of place?

Don’t worry! Assemble All Install can help you with this and many other jobs that you need to be done in your home. We offer a range of handyman services in and around Beverly Hills, CA. Our specialisms lie in art installation, picture hanging, furniture assembly, and TV mounting. And, we come out to you the same or next day from when you make your call to us. Your home is a reflection of you and you want to make sure that everything is placed to your satisfaction
– so you can feel proud when you walk through your front door.

If you are looking for a specialized service with a professional touch, look no further!
We’ll help make your vision a reality.

Services we offer

Services for Designers

We help designers from Art Installation service to installing curtains, Installing cabinets or Receiving & storing your items until your project is ready for install.

Services for Designers in LA

Site Surveys, Art & Fixtures Installation, Receiving and Storage, Art Crating & more.
Designer Packages

Services for Contractors

We help Contractors complete their projects on time. Once flooring & walls are painted we come in for the finish work. Installing baseboards, cabinet installation, interior doors, light fixture installations and more!

Contractor Services

As a contractor you know the struggle of completing the final project tasks, we get it! That is why we are here to offer you the final touches from interior doors, closets, cabinets to fixtures and final touch ups that the subcontractors are not coming back for.
Contractor Services info

Commercial Assembly and Installation service

We specialize in Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E) Assembly & Installation Services tailored for diverse spaces such as Offices, Public Spaces, Schools, & Educational Facilities.

Commercial Services

Commercial Services Info

Retail Assembly and Installation Service

Retail Fixture Installation and Furniture Assembly, tailored explicitly for a range of commercial settings including Malls, Stores, Showrooms, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, & even Trade Show displays.

Retail Install Service

From Reception desks, Display Shelving, to Retail Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment we got you covered.
Retail Services info

Hospitality Assembly and Installation service

Fixture, Equipment, and Hospitality Furniture Assembly services specifically catered for hospitality sectors, Amusement Parks, Casinos, Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Salons, and Spas.

Hotels & Public Places

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment installations in Public places such as Government buildings, Schools, Parks, Stadiums and more.
hospitality Services info

Healthcare Assembly and Installation service

Furniture, Fixture, and Healthcare Equipment Assembly and Installation Service for Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, Clinics and more!

Healthcare Installation Service in LA

Furniture, Fixtures, & Medical Equipment Assembly & Installations for Hospitals, Nursing homes, Containment rooms & more.
Healthcare Assembly info

Indoor and Outdoor Furniture Assembly service

From bedframes to desks all the way to Gazebo Installation, Gym equipment, or Playground Equipment Assembly we Got You covered.

Outdoor Furniture Assembly Service in LA

Gazebos, BBQ Grill sets, Children's Playsets, & workout equipment assembly in LA
Outdoor Assembly info

Art and Picture Hanging, Mirror Installation service

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Window A/C

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Window A/C Info

Home Theater Service, Low Voltage and Smart Home Installation

TV Mounting, Speakers Installation, Projector and screen Installation. Run Cat6, Cat7 wire.


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Art Installation

Do you remember the feeling when you invested in a beautiful piece of artwork for your home? It’s exciting. And you already know where you want it to go. It’s just putting it up that is the issue. What if you drop it? What it if it doesn’t hang straight?

What if it just doesn’t look right where you have it?
We get it. Hanging artwork isn’t as simple as just placing it on a wall that you think looks right. You purchased your artwork for a reason. It elicits a feeling. And it’s a feeling you want others to share when they enter your home. Therefore, you want to make sure that it is not only hung properly and securely – but you want it to be hung where everyone can appreciate it. At Assemble All Install, we’ve been trusted by homeowners across Beverly Hills for many years to help install their artwork so they can get the very best from their investment
– and enjoy it for years to come.

If you would like to get the most out of your investment, get in touch with us

Picture Hanging

Your photographs are an everlasting memory. They bring back the feeling you had when the moment was captured. So they deserve to be hung in a place that is special, where this memory can be preserved. But what if you hang them and the spacing is uneven? Or, one is slightly wonky and it makes the rest follow suit? It may be a little thing but your photos are going to be hung in your home for years to come – and you want them to be hung right.

If you know where you want them – we’ll handle the rest! With experience handling and installing large pieces of artwork, we understand the importance that a photograph has and all that it encapsulates. We’ll make sure that it is perfect for you. Spacing will be even, photos will be hung perfectly straight (unless you request otherwise) and your special memories will be preserved for years to come.

Other Installations

Have you got a shelf that you need to be installed? A bed frame that needs to be built? A TV that you would like mounted? Or maybe you are a contractor or designer in Need of an Installation team. We Service Commercial, residential, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Public Facilities, Government buildings, Airports, schools and more.

From small-scale fixes to large-scale installations, wouldn’t it be great if you could go through one company to do all of this?
You can count on us at Assemble All Install. Anything prefabricated If it comes in a box we can Put it together or Install it!
We offer a professional, white glove reliable 5-star service that will satisfy your expectations.

But don’t just take it from us, read what our customers are saying right here! You deserve a seamless, streamlined service for your home or office get in touch with us for your home consultation.

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